Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week 80- Indiranagar - "A Burrito is Like a Shawarma."

So today I got to explain to Elder Rajendran what a Burrito is since there is a pretty good restaurant nearby our church that sells Cafe Rio syle burritos. So I compared it to a shawarma roll but more mexican. And for all of you who don't know what a shawarma roll is, it's like a burrito but more... you know I actually have no idea what culture that comes from but it's all over India so it could be from here for all I know. 

Got to see the power of inflation this week as the price of soda rose from 40 rupees to 45. To you americanos that is a difference of about a dime, I think.. But for me that is outrageous. Now I know how my grandparents felt when they tried to buy a popsicle for a nickel and the guy asked for a dime. haha just kidding but that is still slightly alarming to me because honestly that could mean other prices rise which would not be great for my wallet... 

Well this week we got to visit with Amir again and teach him the plan of salvation which he told me made sense to him since apparently the Muslim belief of this is pretty close except the whole last kingdoms of glory part to which he asked, "So why would anyone go to the second kingdom. If they are good people wouldn't they want to go to the Celestial with God?" Seemed like a pretty good question to me but we don't know everything. 

Weather is starting to heat up in the middle of the day which is no fun but soon the rains will come and then I will need a new umbrella. But it should cool down again just might take a little while until then. 

Elder Williams

Week #79 - Indiranagar - "I Am Still A Boy."

A novel idea ain't it? Hear me out. I was in a shop this week meandering around until I came to a box full of knives. My mom used to joke that wherever I was with my mom I would have some kind of fake weapon around with me and let me just say, she was 100% correct. So when I saw all of these curved knives I was instantly enthralled. (Look I remember big words maybe I still have a chance speaking English). Anyway after, for lack of a better word, playing with them for a minute a worker walked over and informed me they were Nepalese Khukuri's. Essentially they curve like a boomerang (tragically they do not fly like them) and they are weighted pretty heavy. Well, I have a serious weakness and I ended up buying it so whatever. This is what helped me realize that there will forever be a little boy in me that looks for things like this.

Anyway I was sick again this week with a case of the can't get too far from the washroom. I hate that one most because you feel fine most the day(ish) except for the moments that are just pure can't take it. And you have to sit around waiting for these moments because you don't want to have an accident somewhere because frankly you're too old for that now. 

For some reason our most progressing investigators decided to go out of town at the same time this week so that was fun to have less people to teach. (I know sarcasm is hard to detect in written word but I think that everyone can get that one).

Anyway my mother has informed me that I have not actually told y'all about my companion, could have sworn I did but here we go. His name is Elder Chavala and he is from Hyderabad, the big city between Bangalore and Delhi. He speaks Telugu and Hindi and he was the first member in his family and the only member until last year when he got to go home and baptize his father and sister (he was already a missionary but they let them do these kinds of things). We have two other Elders in our apartment. Elder Rajendran and Elder Serapalli. Elder Rajendran is from Coimbatore and Elder Serapalli is from Kakinada and I knew him before the mission same as Elder Puppala(Previous Companion).

This letter might include more witty commentary than any I have written ever... This is what happens when I still have to write letters contrary to the fact that I have been able to video call my family for the past year. 

Hope your weeks go well,
Elder Williams

Week #78 - Indiranagar - "Avocados, good for more than Guacamole."

Who knew? I thought they only had like one use, but as it turns out they make a really good milkshake. I was super surprised but it was recommended to me by someone we just started teaching. His name is Amir and he is from Iran. He had a brother that is a member in Canada and he recommended to his brother to come to our church. He runs a Cafè that specializes in hooka machines. You know... that thing that the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland smokes. Anyway teaching Word of Wisdom was fun, his brother had already told him about it but he had some good questions about that and the Temple.

So a few weeks ago we had a member from the US visiting and he got a driver from his hotel to take him to church. When they stopped outside the driver commented,," oh I joined this church back in 1998." So the brother invited him in and we got introduced. We haven't been able to visit his home yet but we are going to try for this week. 

We are also teaching Joshua's mom right now and she is doing good but she won't come to church yet so we will have to help her with that 

Elder Williams

Week #77 - Indiranagar - "Joshua Fit the Battle of.."

First song that came to my mind when I was thinking of Joshua.... An old choir song.. Goodie. 

Haha anyway Joshua got baptized this week! Just an absolutely solid kid who will definitely do great work in his life! It was really sad but none of his family would come, I tried to get his mother to come and see her son be baptized but I think she has a thing against organized religion. At the same time though she actually asked us to teach her what we are teaching her son soooooo confusion is there. Confusion is very much there. For me that is. It might make sense to her. Anyway we will be giving that our next shot and hoping that her sons example will be able to help her and Esther (Joshua's little sister) come to church and keep commitments. 

Starting to warm up a little bit here, but the mornings and nights still feel blessedly cool, enough that the people here bust out their coats at night. It's crazy! Here I am sweating in a short sleeve white shirt and they all are wearing coats... 

Honestly letters are hard these days. It all feels commonplace to me so I don't even know what y'all want to know about or what I even do that is exciting. We are attempting to work more with the members because that is how you find people to teach here (door knocking isn't super great safety/legal). That means we are trying to visit with the members and gain their trust that we can teach their friends.

Elder Williams 

Week #76 - Indiranagar - "Planes..."

For the life of me I think I have been on enough plane flights for a while in my life.. But you know why stop now? I'll at least have another month in this area and then who really knows. Could get another couple flights in before I finish.. Also I think I have learned that I am prone to motion sickness. I feel sick every time I get into a car here. Of course that could just be the insanity that they call driving here. Not certain yet, guess I will have to test that back home.

Anyway I am back in Bangalore and Joshua is getting baptized this Saturday! So wins all around! This kid is so smart! He remembers pretty much everything we have taught him and honestly we are running out of things to teach to him! After this week we are going to heavily focus on his mom and little sister and hopefully they will begin to see the changes in Joshua that will speed up their own processes but we shall see. 

Thanks all who wrote to me wishing happy birthday! I appreciate it even if I can't respond to all of you! Birthdays are a little subdued on the mission, especially if you are traveling like I was but those letters were a real pick-me-up!

Honestly I still get emails from some other missionaries and they have miniature novels they write home each week.. 3 paragraphs is a struggle for me. Any more and people won't have time in their day to read it. Especially if they are getting 5 of these things each week. Sheesh..

(Ok who decided that this was how people should end letters? Sincerely? Thats about as insincere a word as they come. Suppose thats just my onion on the matter)
Elder Williams