Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #48 - Gajuwaka - "Tastes like chicken..."

You know why? Because everything IS chicken. The members here have this idea that when the Elders come over they want the fanciest food that the member can make which always involves buying and using chicken. Overall people usually only have meat one or two times a week due to how expensive it is. They make their best chicken Biriyani or Chicken curry. Sometimes you miss simplicity. What to do, it still is really good food. 

Anyway this last week we have spent meeting with members and learning more of the area. We got a lot of member appointments in church yesterday since I got a new companion and especially since he can speak a bit of Telugu. 

Anyway more about my companion. Elder Thivynathan is from Erode which is a small city/village outside of Coimbatore in the same way Gajuwaka is outside of Vizag. He and his brother have two months left on his mission and I have served around both of them before. Elder Thivynathan was Zone leader in Rajahmundry when I was in Kakinada and I met his brother when I was serving in Bangalore. Sorry no pictures of him this week I may have misplaced my camera for the time being... I'll find it again and get pictures as soon as I can. 

Elder Williams