Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #43 - Gajuwaka - "Looks like we are getting an upgrade.”

Well it seems like our mission has been selected to get mobile devices soon. It will really help us in our missionary work because our area book which has a record of people we are teaching will all be digital and we will have access to more digital resources. That will be super useful though I was looking forward to two years without a phone, though that may sound strange. 

Well this last week we had a baptism. It was the mom of two young women who have been members for about 7 years. Her name is SriDevi (pronounced ShreeDavie). It was kind of last minute that we learned she could be baptized and our mission president told us to do it that weekend so we had the baptismal service Sunday morning so that she could be confirmed that day. So she has been taught for the past 6 years or so on and off. I remember the Elders in Gajuwaka talking about her and her progression. She apparently decided near Easter that it was time for her to be baptized. So that went well, her daughters were so happy that she was able to get baptized. 

Another miracle I was able to see was that the Elders in 1st branch here in Vizag baptized a family of four that I actually started teaching when I was here the first time. That is really an amazing thing to see out here when you feel that your everyday actions are not amounting to much. 

Elder Wilson and I are doing well here. We get along really well and we react the exact same when an appointment bunks on us so it is actually super funny. 

Anyway it was a good week this week so I'll see you all next week. See you of course being a relative term...

Elder Williams