Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #25 - Ramamurthy Nagar - "Hey can I join your church?"

"Uhh well yeah, yeah you can." -Me
So in our second "lesson" with this family of four their son that is about 15 asked us this question and it took me completely off guard. I put lesson in quotations because all we shared was a scripture from the bible not a full lesson because we needed a Tamil speaker to translate for the parents sake. So we had not shared the restoration or the Book of Mormon and this kid is feeling inclined to join our church. Calvin is the boys name and he is super awesome, we were able to share the restoration with him on Saturday and then he came to church yesterday! The rest of his family went to their other church which has the same timings as ours but Calvin came with us and said he really liked it, I guess he didn't like his last church I am not too sure on that.

Yesterday was my birthday which was pretty eventful. It started with the other Elders waking me up at midnight to eat cake which is apparently Indian tradition.. They lined our hallway with candles for some reason so I was pretty confused. They also woke me up with the rubber chicken that we found in our apartment so that added to my confusion. Also if anybody knows me it means you know that I love my sleep so I wasn't the happiest camper. Another part of Indian tradition on birthdays is that the person who's birthday it is feeds everyone a piece of cake who is in attendance and then all of them feed you. So a lot of cake stuffing is there. It usually turns out as well as every wedding reception you have ever been to where the bride and groom smear cake everywhere. 

So nifty little tidbit I learned this week. The cap that muslims wear here is called a Topi and it is used for the prayers that they do. Not sure what they call it in English.
Elder Williams