Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #35 - Ramamurthy Nagar - "Blue Limes change Lives"

So their is a big chain drink shop called Lassi Shop, at these shops they sell a super great drink called Blue Lime which is pretty much a Blue Raspberry Lime slushie so it is really nice when it is this hot outside. The subject line is because we met someone at the Lassi Shop that we started teaching piano to and she also wants to learn more about our church, her name is Prettisha. She also sings so I had invited her to church to hear me sing. Last week I didn't get to sing due to a lack of time and this week I couldn't sing either because Elder Lowe, who was accompanying me, got sick and couldn't play. So next week hopefully for sure I will be able to sing. 

Well transfer calls came and I am staying here but my companion is headed off to Hyderabad. My new companion will be Elder Schurr who was in my Zone in Vizag so I actually already know him so it will be a good transfer. He goes home in 3 months with Elder Lowe so we will see what good work we can do until then.

This last week was Yesu's birthday so we went over to their home and brought a cake and celebrated. Their family is doing super well but they weren't able to come to church yesterday for some reason. We are going there tonight after I get my new companion so I'll let you know how they are next week.

Both me and my companion got sick on back to back days so that was fun. Suresh Antony got a calling in church yesterday so that was awesome to see. He is going to be the ward usher, essentially his job is to be a teacher each week, welcome everyone into the building and then stay by the door I think. We will help him get the hang of it.

That was pretty much this week. I should have a good number of photos to send so look for those.
Elder Williams