Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #44 - Gajuwaka - "Gettin' too old for this..."

I say that loosely mostly as a joke to say I am a lot older than I feel I am. I mean one of my best friends is getting married in this next week and I still feel like that 12 year old kid heading over to his house to play games. 

Well, the power went out here so now I can finally finish this email. We had some pretty intense rain for about an hour. Maybe monsoon season is coming, someone told me it was in the next week so fingers crossed. 

In answer to my mothers question of how is this area different I would say immensely. Just like my first area, english is less common and staring is more common. It kind of wears me out to be stared at 24/7 even if it is a good conversation starter. I never get bored on the bus because without a doubt the person next to me will try to talk.

Well, we have been visiting a good number of the members so that I can learn the homes and whatnot. Maybe I'll take some videos or pictures so you can see the streets and what they are like. 

Well, I have been trying to get back into my Telugu and I think I am doing pretty well. Elder Gadala says that my Indian accent when I say the words is good so for the most part people seem to understand me. As long as they know I am trying to speak Telugu. The problem here is that when I talk to someone in Telugu they think they are English words so they don't comprehend them. So once they realize it is their native language and not mine then it is relatively smooth sailing.

Elder Wilson and I are doing the best that we can to find people but it is a lot harder when neither of us speaks full Telugu or can teach in Telugu and honestly it seems to be harder for members here to go with us on exchange. But we will continue trying our best and hoping others do the same. 

With all the positivity I can manage,
Elder Williams