Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #66 - Vijaywada - "Lockdown!"

This week started well with a Zone Conference of 6! It was hilariously small! There are only 4 of us missionaries in the zone and then President Thomas and his wife. It makes it a really personal conference which is both good and bad. Good because you get to know him and he you, but bad because there are only so many people to pick on. So we did so many roleplays with just the two companionships. (Roleplays being when you act out a lesson with someone trying to focus on one or two points you are trying to improve on.) We talked a lot about the importance of asking questions to gauge understanding. 

Then we had a really good Restoration of the Gospel lesson with Sandeep and his family, honestly probably the best one on my mission. They understood it really well and said they always believed that none of the churches they knew followed Christ's gospel. That is probably the best thing you can ever hear someone say. Unfortunately Sandeep couldn't make it to church on Sunday due to work but we will be visiting tonight to answer any further questions on the Book of Mormon.

Saturday as we were getting ready we got a message from the Mission President telling all Elders to stay inside for 2-3 days due to some controversial legal action up north and possible demonstrations, so the 4 of us were stuck in our apartment for the last two days only coming out to go to Church. 

We have an activity we have been planning for this Thursday, Childrens day here in India. It is pretty much going to be a carnival with a bunch of fun games for the kids after a short devotional. There will only be 3 of us missionaries there running it so we are relying on members a bit (Elder Dass is heading off to the MTC). This should be a really fun activity as the kids in this branch are crazy! I sat in Primary yesterday with them and pretty much went deaf with some kid screaming in my ear, boy I missed Primary. 

Anyway that is pretty much it for me,
Elder Williams