Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #40 - Ramamurthy Nagar - "Hi I'm Danush, come my home"

Well this week while we were walking around an area near a members home when a kid I had seen before a couple times came up to us and invited us to his home. We went to his home and met his older sister and mother. The sister speaks really good english and asked us where Danush found us and laughed when we told it was just by the side of the road and he invited us here. It turns out his sister, Sithara, wants to take some music classes so I'll be helping her and Elder Schurr will help her little brother learn the piano. They are Hindu so I am not certain if they will be interested in our lessons but we will do our best to help them in any way that we can.

As per the rest of the week we visited Babu and his family where we are now helping the youngest son practice his english by using the Book of Mormon Storybook which has the pictures to go along with the stories. 

Other than that the other three elders in the apartment took turns getting sick except for me so that was really fun. I am still fine so here's hoping that I remain healthy this week.

Well Elder Lowe got transferred last week but Elder Tolbert came back to be with Elder Nathaniel so they are currently covering two areas while Elder Schurr and I are back to just covering our area.

Elder Williams