Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #62 - Vijaywada - "Are they eating Lightbulbs...?"

The subject line is in reference to this weeks new Book of Mormon video about The Tree of Life or 1 Nephi chapter 8. When I first saw it I really thought they were just lighbulbs on a tree and then Lehi reached out and ate one and I freaked out a little bit because it kind of looked like he was putting a lightbulb in his mouth... anyway you get it. I used to set up christmas lights in my Grandparents neighbourhood and I once had a lightbulb explode in front of my face and got some glass in my mouth. Lets just say the video at that part made me marginally uncomfortable.

Anyway this week was full of us trying (and failing) to meet with the people we are teaching who are progressing. Everything just kind of worked against us but General Conference was a definite pick-me-up! We had a couple people come and watch but neither of the people we have on date for baptism which is rough.. One gentleman who did come is a 20 something theology student who we are trying to teach but everytime we go over it is less like a lesson and more like some kind of group bible study where we talk about doctrine both of us believe in instead of learning new things... Mostly we are stuck doing the listening. His home is packed with all kinds of books of the religious kind and all he does is talk about them. I thought introducing the Book of Mormon would be easy since he loves to read but well, still hard explaining that to any christian here who doesnt think we need organized religion. He ended up giving US a few books at the end of our appointment.

Anyway, speaking of conference, holy cow am I right?! I think we had at least 3 talks reference Moses' experience confronting the adversary which is like my favorite passage ever! I especially liked Presidents Oaks talk in the first session because he teaches us that if we arent given an answer to something specific then we just need to trust in the Lord. I kind of thought the talk was funny because it was really him saying in a round about way that we dont know the answers to a lot of these things and they are kind of a personal case by case basis between you and God.

Essentially my week as far as I can remember,
Elder Williams