Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #67 - Vijaywada - "Activity of the year!"

Well this last week we had a super great activity for childrens day on Thursday. We had about 150 people show up which is the most amount of people I have seen show up to an activity. About 50 of those were friends and family who are not members which is an incredible number for that! I was running the ring toss game which was really fun. We made over 200 donuts for the donut on the string race which was hilarious to watch. Overall a very successful activity.

Minnie is all set to be baptized next week after church. She chose Elder Puppala to baptize her and for me to give her the gift of the Holy Ghost. So that is going to be the highlight of this next week.

On another note Suresh Antony who I taught in Bangalore will be getting the Melchizedek Priesthood soon and that is a real highlight. Its good to hear that he is still really active in the church and that he will be able to bless others lives even more. 

Oh, funny part of the week, Mary, Sandeeps mom, was not able to come to our activity because she said it was cold outside. I kind of just stopped and blinked, it was about 80° F outside with 90% humidity and she was cold! My sister-in-law isn't even that bad! 

So thats kind of my week, and I got a lot of pictures of the activity so thats fun.

Elder Williams

P.S. - From our call with Elder Williams: When we talked to Hayden last night he told us about giving a talk in church yesterday…on Grace. He said that he started off his talk about when his cousin Grace moved to town and attended the same elementary school as him…he did not like her because she would kick him and pull his hair back then. So when his primary teacher was teaching about how we are saved by the Grace of God he told the teacher “no thank you, that is not for me. There is no way Grace is saving me!” Apparently this translates well in another language and culture because everyone laughed. He then shared the principles of grace, faith, and action and scriptures from the New Testament to show how Paul built these concepts upon each other to make them interrelated. He and Grace are 2nd cousins so we only see them occasionally but they continued to see each other almost daily, growing up together into Jr High and High School, were in choirs together, and became friends which makes this story even funnier because we never knew it😆