Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #23 - Ramamurthy Nagar - "Just when you start to get an area..."

Well I just started to get to know the ward and area in Kakinada and then I got sent here to Bangalore. I am now in the Rama Murthenagar, I can't really help you on how to say it as I am still trying to get it down. My companion is Elder Halford from Orem, he went to Timpanogos High School and graduated my same year. He actually knows a fair amount of people from my school like Dakota Allphin (Harrison's cousin). Elder Yogesh got transferred to be in Rajahmundry so we went there yesterday and I left from there this morning to head to the airport. It was actually a little cold this morning. All the natives were wearing heavy coats and huddling around little fires and I was cruising down the street in an open auto loving the cold. Well now I am going to have to get used to walking around without a tag on which is going to feel really strange. 

This last week Pawan wasn't answering any of our calls and now Elder Yogesh and I are gone so hopefully the other Elders can go with the Bishop to try and get permission for his baptism. We had a bunch of people start calling us back the day that me and Elder Yogesh were leaving and we were just sitting there wondering where all these people were when we had time. 

I'll probably have to write on next week when I actually know this area a little bit and what's going on. 
Telugu is not the main language here so this is going to be fun. The main one in this state is Kannada which I have heard shares a lot of comparisons to Telugu but they speak almost every Indian language here so it will be pretty exciting trying to keep track of them all. 
Until next time!
Elder Williams

1) Do Indians drink milk? Haha some of them drink milk but most no. The way moms get their kids to drink milk is mixing in the flavor boosters like boost and other things. But the milk alone here tastes not good.

2) Are you adjusting to the heat? Yeah I am fine with the heat and honestly I prefer having a ceiling fan as compared to A/C because I get cold... I get cold now. That is a weird thought.