Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #16 - Vizag "Thanksgiving with the Indians"

Ha! Thanksgiving among the Indians. That one was pretty clever I have to give you that. Let's just say that if Thanksgiving were a holiday here there would be no relaxing after eating rather an uncomfortable burning sensation in your stomach after eating that much. 

So I got back to my area on Saturday which totaled about 9 days over in the Gajuwaka are with Elder Trainor, which was a really good experience and it helped me to learn about the Elders over in that apartment because we only see them once a week in district meetings. So Elder Trainor and I did our best to meet with the people they were teaching and to find more but that is getting really hard to do because we just had some restrictions put on our finding and contacting because the police had stopped Elder Rather and Elder Hugie about a week ago questioning them on what they were doing passing out the pass along cards we have. Long story short contacting people to teach is hard now. 

But over those 9 days apparently Elder Ramishetty put 3 of our people on date for baptism. First is Anil, the 12 year old whose family really wants him to learn a lot from our church and they also put Sister Kantha and her son Mani on date as well. We went over to see them with no idea what we were going to teach them or talk about because they had already told us that they do truly believe everything we were telling them and they were impressed how we told them it should be between them and the Lord. The only problem is that they aren't keeping our commitments to come to church and instead choose to go to their church early in the morning and then sleep the rest of Sunday. So Elder Ramishetty and I kept our appointment and went over without knowing what we could do to help them and then opportunity literally fell into our lap. Sister Kantha's brother was outside the home completely drunk and that is when Elder Ramishetty felt inspired to share the beginning of the Word of Wisdom with them. I thought that it would be too on the nose but I trusted him and we went in. When we shared what we should not partake of Sister Kantha said that she believed this commandment was built for her family. I was afraid of what she would say because she loves drinking her tea but she immediately acknowledged that she was addicted and it really wasn't a good thing. She wants us to share the full Word of Wisdom next time we meet and she will make sure to have her brother there with them. I was so floored by all of this, always follow promptings even when it feels like it would offend. I had known this since I was a kid but this is the first time this lesson sank in. 

Telugu for the week: Don't confuse Peda and Pedtha (emphasize the "-tha" like a the) Pedthabye means big person and Pedabye means poor person. Accidentally called someone poor this week that was entertaining. 
Welostamo (We'll go and come back)(Bonus word)
Elder Williams