Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #50 - Gajuwaka - "Hello there!"

So this week while I was walking back to the apartment I almost stepped onto my new little friend here. I'll include him in this email.IMG_4435

I know there is no way to tell his size but that was because I was afraid to get closer to him but lets say he was about the sized of my hand which to me was really unnerving.

Well today was Elder Ramadi's birthday, another Elder in my zone so we went to Absolute BBQ. A really good all you can eat place that has a grill in front of you on the table. It was really good but for us missionaries it is pretty expensive so it is a once in a while kind of thing.

We had a YSA named Prasanna show us a bunch of member homes that I have not met before so that was super useful this week. But I also ended up getting sick and coughing my lungs out so that is super fun. Also had a truck nail my shoulder and rip one of my white shirts. Made it almost a year without a white shirt casualty but there goes my record, what to do. I am pretty terrible with the sewing kit but I will give it my best shot. 

It can be pretty interesting when you use sarcasm here. Some people don't take to it so well here but they are also really bad at reading it which can be pretty funny. Just need to remember not to take it too far. 

 With that,
Elder Williams