Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #73 - Indiranagar - "Yeah I've had spicier Biriyani"

Well, this week I went on exchange with Elder Van and we enjoyed some Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. I've been waiting all transfer for it to open and it finally was. So we tried "Dragonfire" which is their third spiciest flavor and honestly we decided we had had spicier food in people's homes. I think India has broken my mouth... The other day I realized I hadn't had anything spicy for 2 days and I was really craving something spicy... I have a whole new flavor pallet now. 

On to people. Joshua is doing awesome like usual! He remembers everything we taught so well. Not to mention his mom and dad gave their approval for him to be baptized as long as he understands what he is doing, which he does. So his baptism will probably be at the end of this month or the beginning of next month. We thought about waiting for his mom but she is not progressing much right now so we think that once Joshua joins that he may be able to start bringing his mom and her attitude will change. Thats our hope anyway, but Joshua is definitely on track and his little sister Esther is right behind him. 

We met with a new family that the previous Elders met a few times. Raj Kumar and his family. We went on new years day and we visited a few nativities they had set up in the neighbourhood and we had some hymn singing and some prayers there. We will see what we can do about meeting them more in the future. 

Well, 2019 was the year of my life fully dedicated to the Lord and with 6 months left I am looking forward to what else I can do before I finish.

Elder Williams

Talk on Sunday 12/29/19 by Elder Williams