Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #52 - Gajuwaka - "Another one bites the dust..."

Well Elder Skidmore finishes up this week. It is also transfer week so we will see what our new mission president does. We usually got called on Saturday and moved on Monday so we will see how or if that changes. This is also the start of Elder Thivyanathan's last transfer so we will be trying our best.

Well we don't have a ton of time this week as we are celebrating with Skidmore but we found 2 potential families to teach so we will see how that goes in this next week. They are both families that have been taught before and a member showed their homes to us. We are meeting with them tomorrow and the next day so I will hopefully have more to say on them next week.

I've gotten really bad at taking pictures and I apologize to you all for that but I just honestly have no idea what to take pictures of. My mom would probably say take pictures of it all but then I would have no time for work so I guess I'll do my best this week to look for something that is different to take some pictures of.

Elder Williams