Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #61 - Vijaywada - "Climb Every Mountain"

Well this week we were able to commit another person to baptism. Her name is Minnie and her whole family are members but they haven't been to church in a while but they came yesterday after getting over their sickness from the last couple weeks. Well she is young but she really understands the doctrine and wants to be baptized. Her parents asked if she could be baptized the same day that they were in 2013 and thats in a few weeks so we let them decide. We should easily be able to finish teaching her the remaining things by then.

As for Veni, her mother was out of town this week but she promised to come to church next week so she should be able to watch conference and then we will finalize whether sister Veni will be baptized or not.

Another fun thing I did this week was rock climbing. Not actually, but it felt like it. There is a big hill that a lot of people, including some members that we visit, that live on this hill and as you get near the top the stairs literally turn into stacked rocks or just steps cut into the rocky face. Felt pretty sketchy coming down because it was raining but we did it lickety-split with no accidents.

Ummm sometimes I struggle with what to put on here because it all feels like youve heard it before and I hate writing.

Anyway until I have something else to write,
Elder Williams