Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #31 - Ramamurthy Nagar - "I would walk 500 miles... "

Well after Elder Halfords Surgery the doctor told him that walking would do him a lot of good after a few days of rest. So that is what we did, a lot of walking of our area and some contacting. 

Had some pretty exciting food this week, we had some beef intestine curry which was quite the new experience. Pretty much all the food here will make your mouth tickle due to the sheer amount of spice on it. I am so used to it that I mostly don't even notice it at this point but occasionally people will point out that I am sweating more but I think that will always happen. 

Heard a pretty funny talk at church last Sunday. One sister was talking about her marriage which was an arranged marriage and how it helped her grow. But the words she used to describe it cracked me up, she called it a "love at past sight" which is a play off love at first sight and all so that was a fun talk to hear.

Got to practice my cricket skills as we were wandering we found some people playing and they asked if we wanted to join. So I practiced my batting skills while my companion talked to the people on the sideline (since he isn't supposed to do anything strenuous) so by the end I actually got pretty good at swinging the cricket bat around.

The stay at the hospital was interesting, I just sat around most of the day talking with the Senior couple serving in the mission office. We had a few days resting where I went out with some of the other Elders in the apartment so that I didn't lose my mind by staying in. It was good to get out but I learned that we won't be able to teach Calvin anymore due to his relatives convincing his mom that the Book of Mormon is false. We still hope that he might come to church but I don't think we will be able to stop by his home anymore.

We were able to put Suresh Anthony on date for baptism we found him a couple months back and he has come to church the past 6 weeks. He is a single man in his early 30s looking for a job here in Bangalore. He is a really calm and nice guy, he has really taken our lessons well and is really interested in what we have taught.

Elder Williams