Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #65 - Vijaywada - "It's just Halloween.."

Well tragically India does not celebrate Halloween because all the Christians believe it is the Devil's holiday... Not really sure what they think of all of us celebrating it. Even the members here don't like the idea of Halloween. It's tragic really, I had to buy myself a KitKat so I could at least celebrate a little.

I spent about half of the week on a bus which is kind of rough when you have travel sickness combined with the effect on your stomach from the spicy curries. Short story shorter its rough. I had to travel to Kakinada with Elder Puppala because there were no other Elders in Vijayawada since the two Zone Leaders went to Bangalore and Elder Dass went to Delhi to figure out the stuff for his Visa to the Philippines so he can go to the MTC.
Anyway, the plan was for me to stay there until Thursday when the Zone Leaders got back but 4 hours into my first bus ride on Tuesday my mission president calls and tells me Elder Dass is coming back that day so he sent him to Rajahmundry so I could meet up with him. So I spent Tuesday visiting some people I knew in Kakinada and then Wednesday I took a 2 hour bus to Rajahmundry where Elder Dass and I took another 5 hour bus ride back to Vijaywada. I'm sick of buses.

So after that whole ordeal, my companion for the next two weeks is Elder Thamma who is also from Kakinada (in fact I got to go see his mother on Tuesday, sweetest Sister ever) and he and I will be covering 2 areas until Elder Puppala gets back from Kakinada after finishing his exams. He is a really good Elder who is 25 but by his relatively small size you would never guess it.

Well Minnie is still on track for her baptism in a couple weeks, had her interview and everything went good. Now we just have the paperwork which essentially tells the country of India that she is doing this of her own free will, as we have to do that with everyone we work with.

I met another family with really good potential this last week. Sandeep was found by the Elders previously but I guess had never really followed up until we went a week ago. The day after we went to his home Sandeep actually attended church so that was a green flag on the visits actually working so Elder Dass and I went on exchange there, we werent able to teach anything big because Sandeep speaks English but neither of his parents do so we shared a simple lesson. Sandeep came to church again yesterday and his mom said once she recovers from a recent surgery that she would be available to come as well.

Merry Dia de los Muertes Y'all!
(Thats a test to see how many cultures I can offend at once. Think I got at least 3.)
Elder Williams

So one thing Elder Williams isn’t saying here was about the Primary Presentation which was last week. He thought that he was done participating in those put got the opportunity to sing a duet with the Primary - that’s right, the whole Primary sang the 1st verse of “A Child’s Prayer” while one of the Elder’s played the right hand melody on the piano then Hayden sang the 2nd verse while he played his own right hand melody on the piano and then they sang and played together the 1st and 2nd verses as a duet. He says that he sings louder by himself than the entire congregation so I’m sure he held his own just fine with the primary, haha;) We are just excited when he accepts the opportunity to sing!