Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #18 - Kakinada "I Want The Holiness That Beats The Other Holiness"

That is a literal quote from an investigator we met this week. His name is Raghu and he is a YSA about 19 with some real questions of the soul. He has been taught by the missionaries before but they haven't met with him in a long time before I got here. We have another YSA that we are teaching that wants to get baptized named Pawan but is having the same hesitation as Manohar from my last area, that is that he thinks that baptismal repentance is the end of forgiveness from the Lord and that after that he has to be perfect. We have been working really hard this last week and the cycling has my body sore but it is a really good feeling. 

Less time this week because these net shop computers are really bad. Can't send pictures either. Will send them next week. 

Highlights: Yesterday had my first double member meal, one for lunch and one for dinner. Never eaten more rice in my life. A lot more people speak English here or because I am not with a native they have to speak more, one of the two. Also I am quite certain I am the only white guy in this city of 1 million. That is pretty exciting, getting even more stares than I did in Vizag. 

Elder Williams