Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #2 - MTC - "Its been a long road..."

"... Getting from there to here. It's been a long time, but my time is finally here!"
That one is for Dad. What show is this song from? ;)

This week has felt forever long! Hence the opening song... It has been really good but at the same time I am so ready to hit the field! We met a missionary from Bengaluru this week. It was incredible to talk to him because he served over there for a month waiting for his visa and in that one month he had 6 baptisms! Sounds like the people are ready over there. He is going to Tempy (?) Arizona on his mission though. Speaking of Elders that I saw, I saw Elder Keaton Fuller for the first time in over a year and he has changed about 0% so that was fancy to see him. I also got to see Brother and Sister Larsen in the hall between my classes. She recognized me and came up to me because I don't think that I have seen them since I was probably in that ward so they were super nice and I got to talk for a few minutes with them. 

Ok me and my companion have had multiple witnesses of God's amazing sense of timing. So the first day that we were here we got separated from the rest of our district while going to a workshop and while we were heading there we were stopped by a Brother leading an Elder into the meeting and asked us if we would be a trio with him until after the meeting and I looked at his badge and realized his name was Elder Jue and that we had been looking for him for about 3 hours since he had never shown up. Now that would have been enough for me and Elder Baker to have a witness that God is really there, however that isn't the end of the story. Yesterday me and my companion were walking to class and a couple Elders stopped us and asked if we would bring someones ID card to the front desk of the main building because they were dressed in P-Day clothes and you need to be wearing a white shirt in the main building. So we agreed to take it and we looked down at it and realized that it was the card of another Sister in our zone. So we told the Elders that we were her zone leaders and we all just kind of freaked out for a second realizing how good God was at timing this kind of thing. So just kind of a cool story from the past week.

We had a really good devotional on Tuesday from President Kearon of the presidency of the 70. He is British and a convert so he was able to tell us the importance of baptism and how we should never be hesitant in our invitations and that was a really powerful experience for all of us. My whole district chose to sing in the choir which was a really good choice since the director is a super awesome person who gives us his own devotional while we practice. We sang "More Holiness Give Me" and Brother Egget, the director, taught us why the author wrote it and more about that. It turns out that the writer of this Hymn also wrote my favorite hymn which is hymn 335 "Brightly Beams our Fathers Mercy." Brother Egget taught us a few things about that song too like the importance of the lower lights when using lighthouses which I had never understood until he told us about it. Lower lights are to be lined up with the light of a lighthouse which will allow a boat to safely go into port if it lines up the lights. So like the song says we are assigned to care for the lower lights so that we can lead people into the port of the gospel, and so that is what I will do for the next two years.

My district has gotten really close in just the one week which we all find incredible. All of us have taken a kind of role in the district. We have our picture mom who is Elder Jue because he has an incredible camera and stops us all the time to take pictures. Somehow I became known as Dad because I wear Dad sandles and I try and keep all the Elders in line, not to mention that I am a year older than all of them. It occurs to me that I didn't introduce the Sisters in my last email so we have Sister Ayala from Mesa, Arizona and Sister Sedlacek from Bountiful who are both going to the Detroit Mission. Sister Thomas is from Mesa as well and Sister Berry is from Surprise, Arizona which is kind of surprise to all of us since we didn't know it existed and both of them are going to the Pittsburgh mission. They are all really incredible and I am sad that they won't be serving in the same missions as the rest of us.

I am so glad that I made this decision to serve a mission. See Y'all next week!
Elder Williams