Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #8 - Vizag - "Chuma"

Chuma. Possibly the most annoying word on this planet. It means "simply". They say it for everything. It comes from anyone and everyone for anything. Ask them why they aren't keeping commitments and that is their response. 

This morning we went down to the fishing harbor which is in my area and it is quite the strong smell there to say the least. The most terrifying part is that the smell of drying and dying fish smells better than a lot of the streets I walk down. We then went to the beach and a few Elders attempted to fish. I felt like my father because I was hiding under my umbrella the whole time we were there which they made fun of me for but I would have been so sunburned if I had sat out in the sun that long. The ocean looks very pretty but there are so many rocks that it is too dangerous for anyone to swim, not to mention no one here knows how to swim. 

Biggest thing this week is we got someone on date for baptism! His name is Manohar and he was taught by Elders about a year ago and was going to be baptized but he was 17 and his father would not let him be baptized. His mother and sister were so now he has turned 18 and we are going to get him baptized and reactivate his family in the process. That is a big issue here just like it was in the Philippines.. People stop coming to church, chuma. Simply because they have to work 7 days a week, all day every day just to provide for the tiny house and minimal food. Manohar has at least decided only to work half days on Sunday so he can come to church. It all comes step by step, we are working on it.

The language is really too difficult to learn when you have no resources so we really do have to work through translators. I am going to learn enough to contact but other than that, the grammar is way different and it is way difficult to try and read and my companion isn't so keen on trying to teach me. I am doing my best to pay attention while my companion speaks what sounds like gibberish but it can get difficult when we visit members and he doesn't translate. He usually does not translate in member appointments so I have to keep from falling asleep sometimes. I am already doing better than his previous companion who did fall asleep in member appointments so I am doing well in that regard.

So this last Friday was Zone conference which we got some really good instruction from President for most of the day. Saturday and Sunday were District conference where we had so many meetings that we only had one appointment on Sunday. President and Sister Mortensen were there along with Elder William the first native area 70 and Elder David Homer of the General Authority 70 and second counselor of the Asia area 70 were both there as well. They are both incredible and gave such amazing insights and lessons about how to feel the spirit and use him in your life. 

Elder Williams