Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #32 - Ramamurthy Nagar - "Whats that white building?"

"I hope someone doesn't live there.."
So this week we walked to another far distant corner of our area where in the distance we saw a huge all white hindu temple so we decided to go out and find it. So we did, took us about 30 minutes to find the road that led to it. It was much different from most of the hindu temples I see because this one wasn't full crazy colored out but a plain white with no trace of color. It also took us quite a while to find our way back but ended up finding a bus.

Last night I went on a member split with the entire bishopric of my ward. Elder Halford went with another member to an investigators home while I visited a less active with the bishopric. That was really funny seeing the members face when the bishopric was there with a missionary. He is a really nice brother named Thomas, we are hopefully going to be able to teach his parents and brother about the gospel so that should be really good for him if his parents come to church as well.

So we have one on date for baptism right now, Suresh Anthony we are working through his love of Tea but he should be able to move past it. We are meeting him today to see how we can best help him. Luke came to church this last sunday and then we taught him about the Restoration. We gave him book of mormon in english and a member let him borrow one in Nepali to make sure he can understand so we will see how he understands it in this coming week. 

My companion is almost completely recovered from his surgery. A few more days and he can go back to doing whatever he could before.
We found a few more people to teach so we will see how return appointments go and I will let you all know. 

Funny thing this week was one member asked if I was mexican. I just looked and them, looked at my skin and said, "no all of my ancestry is from the UK" So they said "oh thats why you didn't look american!" I just gave a blank look and said quitely," but thats what americans are..." The members daughter heard me say that and started laughing as her father walked away because she just returned from a mission in Arizona so she knows what mexicans look like. That one was a new one for the books, I think this means I tanned at least a little bit. 
Till next week,
Elder Williams