Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #1 - MTC

One day out of the house and Mom decides to go change everything, sounds about right. 

So yesterday started as a really good day, we were kept busy the whole day so we wouldn't feel homesick which worked. My companion, as you guys already know, is Elder Baker from Saint George, Utah. He is incredible and so much fun to work with. We see two sides of every lesson and then we get to share our thoughts so we get taught twice which is super awesome. So Wednesday we met our Zone Leaders and they lead us around the campus and showed us the buildings which was nice, they were called to be Zone Leaders on their second day which they said was unusual and they leave Monday. Then right as me and Elder Baker were feeling comfortable being Missionaries, our whole district met with the Branch President and he called me and Elder Baker to become the next Zone Leaders starting on Sunday. That threw us both for a loop as we are now just as lost as we were the first day. Lesson learned. Never feel comfortable in the work. The Lord is an expert pitcher and will throw that curve ball. My Branch President is President Dyck (Dike) and he is super awesome and kind. He does not do handshakes but rather hugs so he is my kind of President.

My best experience of the week (2 days) was when I was a little homesick on Wednesday. This passage appeared in my head, "Those who save their own lives will lose it. But those that lose their lives in the service of the Lord or His Gospel shall save it." The next day we were talking about turning ourselves outward instead of inwards and to focus on the work and others instead of ourselves. In our meeting yesterday with our Branch President, his counselors and their wives we even watched a Mormon message from President Hinkley where he quoted this exact passage when he was feeling homesick on his mission. This felt pretty incredible to me that the Lord works in familiar patterns but are still individualized to each of us.

So my district is 8 Elders and 4 Sisters all speaking English. 4 of the Elders are going to Bengaluru and the other 4 are going to New Delhi so we have all the Indian Elders in our one district. The Sisters are all going stateside with 2 going to Detroit and the other 2 are going to Pittsburgh. My batch going to Bengaluru are me, Elder Baker, Elder Hugie and Elder Hakanson. So Elder Hugie is 6'4" from Vienna, Virginia (that's near Julie right?). Elder Hakanson is a shorter red haired fellow from West Jordan. The New Delhi batch is Elder Allred from Syracuse, Utah, Elder Wolcott from Spokane(?), Washington, Elder Jue (Jew) from Livermoore, California and Elder Brady, our District Leader, from Gilbert, Arizona.

So they really did not have a good selection of scriptures and the like so I would like a small Preach My Gospel, they gave me a big one and it barely fits in my shoulder bag and I do not want to try and haul that to India, and a bible that includes D&C and the Pearl of Great Price. I will be returning the Bible that I bought yesterday.