Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #45 - Gajuwaka - "Why would you put that in a bag..."

So this week was eventful we had a big branch activity on Wednesday that lasted pretty much the whole day and ended with me getting sunburned, naturally. We went to a big park and played a lot of games and talked with the members a lot. We had most of the active members show up and a lot of them brought friends so that was incredible! We will be trying to meet with them this week. Also at the activity they had a lot of bagged water. Water comes in two varieties, your standard bottle or a 2 rupee bag of water. Price comparison that is about... a nickel? maybe less.. But the bagged water just has a really funny taste to it that makes it hard to buy it instead of the bottle.

We went to the house of a recently returned missionary who served in Delhi. His name is Sandeep Bajjanki and he is really awesome! He spent the whole branch activity with the missionaries saying that he still isn't used to being with the members even though it is his home branch which we found super funny! Well anyway recently he was called to be the 2nd counselor in the branch presidency so we went with Elder Goodsell, The senior couple Elder, so he could give him a small training on that and also discuss his plans since he just returned from his mission.

Well this week I learned of the existence of a mango I had not heard of before. I have a video of Elder Wilson trying it (I don't like mangoes so I didn't try it) but it was a really funny way to eat it. It seems to be entirely mush inside so you just poke a hole in the outside and then treat it like a go-gurt tube.

Elder Wilson has one more month left and then his family will be coming over to pick him up. I'll get to meet his family when they come so that should be fun.

Finding people to teach has proven a little difficult but we are doing what we can so I will keep you informed on that front.

Elder Williams