Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #33 - Ramamurthy Nagar - "A 3 hour tour!"

So we had mission tour this last Thursday which is basically where multiple zones meet together with a area authority so we had Elder Homer of the Asia Area presidency come and instruct us. We had a main focus on teaching repentance and baptizing converts. We need to focus more on repentance being a positive process and then baptizing people who have brought forth the fruit of repentance.

Speaking of, Suresh Anthony is on date to be baptized this Saturday which I am so excited for, he hasn't missed one Sunday meeting since we met him. He is really doing well and is willing to obey all the covenants of baptism.

We didn't get to meet with Luke this week as it was Stake Conference and he couldn't make it out to Whitefield. We met a new family this week, they are a family relative of a family the other Elders are teaching who are progressing really well. We couldn't meet with them yesterday because the Father was gone at work but we are going to their home tonight to see how they will accept the message we have to share. They don't speak any English so we will need a Tamil translator. 

Went on a couple exchanges this week which is always an exciting experience to work with other missionaries and see what we can learn from each other. On Tuesday we went to a restaurant called Shiro which is a place that has an all you can eat Sushi and Dim Sum (steamed dumplings). It was really good and with 6 Elders there you can imagine that we ate quite a bit.

This next week I have been asked to sing in sacrament meeting so I will be singing "A Believers Prayer" a song me and my dad sang once before I came on my mission. Elder Lowe, who lives in the same apartment, plays the piano very well so he will be able to accompany me. 

That's pretty much it for this week,
Elder Williams