Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #56 - Chennai - "Ah Yes, He is my Small Father"

Your what?

Small Father. My cousins father.

What? Oh! Your uncle.

Ah yes Elder.

Actual conversation I had the other day with a member in their home. I decided to start making a list of the funny Indian idioms they use starting with "small father". Next on that list is cousin brother or sister. Referring to their cousins gender as well, which honestly I don't mind so much because it tells you more than just cousin. 

Well this week we met with a lot of the less active members in my area marking down their homes. We also met with our Branch President to ask questions about people we had discovered going through our area book of people. We visited a few active members and ate nicely, another expression they use here. Honestly the English here is simple and refreshing. It lets you know exactly what they mean. For the most part. There are moments like when Elder Raja uses the word "deserve" like "own". He said he deserved something and I just kind of gave him a sidelong glance until his companion, Elder Peters, asked him what he thought that word meant. It then went on to a 20 minute discussion on this word and how to use it. 

Got a haircut today and their complimentary head massage. I say massage but it is more like they are just slowly concussing your head. Not sure thats a word but I just made it one. Anyway while they karate chop your head you are left to wonder why this is necessary, if you can think while a 50 year old man is smacking your head that is. 

Honestly just trying to work with members and the few people we have to teach. I'll let you know next week if any of them have advanced at all.

Love you all,
Elder Williams