Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #17 - Kakinada "I Like to Ride My Bicycle..."

Well, biggest news is I got transferred over to Kakinada. My new companion is Elder Jordan who is from Millcreek right below Salt Lake and he goes home in 3 weeks so I have to learn my new area very quickly. I traveled by train from Vizag to Rajahmundry and then took a cab to Kakinada. So Kakinada is a ward that is part of the Rajahmundry Stake and has been switching between having 2 and 4 Elders proselyting in this area so with me and Elder Wheeler coming (His companion is Elder Yogesh) we are once again making it so 4 Elders are in this city. Oh also I now have a bike, hence the song quote. Also they still speak Telugu so I will continue to try and learn as much as I can but apparently more English is spoken here so that will be helpful. 

This week was a pretty exciting one even on top of that. I got to ride a camel yesterday. Some man just had one and was soliciting rides on the beach for 100 rupees so naturally I went for it. Thanksgiving was entertaining, we went to a little bistro that sells pretty American food. I had a chicken pesto pizza and while we ate they played Journey and Kenny Loggins in the background which was pretty surprising that they knew that kind of music.

So Friday night Elder Ramishetty and I were walking the beach road in our area and saw this huge function and we came to learn that it was Fishermans day which was really funny that that is what they have to celebrate in this country. They had some dancers that were doing some really traditional dancing with traditional dress. 

Yesterday Sister Kantha, Mani and Chinna Isaac came to church! It may have been partly that I said I was leaving and they had to come so I could get a picture and say goodbye but I hope they came for more than just that. 

Telugu for the Week: Maley Kaludham-We'll see you again.   

Elder Jordan and I
Elder Williams