Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #60- Vijaywada - "I'm running out of one liners..."

I do my best to think up some fun catchy starting liners and I did not realize how difficult it can be sometimes. I try to make it fun. 

Anyway this week was good we were able to put Veni on date for baptism. Missionaries have been visiting her for a while and she almost always comes to church she is just worried for her future and is a little scared to make the commitment. She is busy with college, work and also teaching tuitions for some kids. (Tuitions is kind of like forced homework time that you pay for. Don't know how these kids do it here, it would drive me crazy) But it no problem really, so the date we set is changeable if she isn't feeling up to it. But I feel confident that she will commit when she gets everything figured out. 

We have been trying to help a different brother get over his habit of drinking and we go over about 4 times a week. But just when he seemed to be getting better he told us he got a job at a wine selling place. "Great" I though, "just what a recovering alcoholic needs. Access to free alcohol." So we will continue to give it our best with him. 

We have been showing the new Book of Mormon videos to just about everyone we see. It really helps members and Investigators really get into the Book of Mormon. Even if they dont understand the English in the video they can see what the scriptures are telling and as they say, "pictures say a thousand words." Or something like that... Well I figure a 17 minute long video says quite a lot of words in that case so it makes for a great lesson. 

Basically thats it from me this week,
Elder Williams