Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #30 - Ramamurthy Nagar - "Late email!"

Sorry that I couldn't tell you last week that I spent yesterday in the hospital. I only learned after the time to email was gone last week that I was going to spend this monday in the hospital. My companion had a hernia a couple months ago that he has been living with but we finally got a surgery scheduled so I spent the day waiting in the hospital with one of the office couple missionaries. We then spent last night in the mission home. I don't have a lot of time this week to update y'all but let it be known that I am fine and my companion will recover in a few days until then I will use other Elders if anyone I am teaching gives us an appointment.

I'll make sure to call next week. Haha I am so glad I can say that now.

Sorry for the short email but I love you all and I will send a longer email next week, promise!

Elder Williams

Hello friends and family of Elder Williams (the white one),

Haha, if you remember from his first email from this area, there is another Elder Williams in his flat that goes to the same ward who is native and dark so the members started right off referring to them as the white one and the black one. Anyway…we did not hear from Elder Williams this week. I checked in with his companions mom and turns out his companion had hernia surgery so they were at the hospital all p-day, will spend the night at the mission home, and will return to their area tomorrow. They knew this surgery was coming just not when it would happen.

Just didn’t want to leave ya’ll hangin’!