Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #68 - Vijaywada - "I do my job! Kind of..."

So in preparation for the Light the World campaign we were told this last week that we need to have an activity this week which we thought was rather sudden since we just had an activity planned by the missionaries. However, it introduces the whole branch to the service that we can provide in the month of December so we gots to do it ya know? We got these nice passoutable calendars in Telugu that my companion said do not make a lot of sense but they are what we got so we will make do. 

Minnie was baptized yesterday after church and I got to give her the gift of the Holy Ghost which is a really special experience since you also get to pronounce a blessing on the individual and I am always grateful for any blessing I get to perform because it shows your love and service in a very real way. 

Lets see... I lost my voice on Saturday from a cold. Let me just say, missionary work-you know, the work you do by talking to people-is very hard when you can't talk to people and don't know sign language and your companion isn't super confident with his own teaching skills. Nevertheless! It can be done! ish... Basically you find things to do that don't directly involve speaking or teaching, like making posters and decorations for an activity, hence the subject line. My voice came back enough in time for Sunday though so no real issues.

This weekend we get to travel to Rajahmundry for Stake Conference which will be fun. Maybe. The traveling part I mean, Stake Conference is always great. We are traveling to Rajahmundry by train and if any of you have been reading my letters since the beginning you might remember that I hold no love for the Indian Train system as it tends to be overcrowded and smell of coffee. Though supposedly this time around we are in the A/C car so hopefully thats better...? 

Haha anyway thats my life,
Elder Williams