Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #4 - MTC - "We are the three Amigos!"

"...and Amigos together are we!" Good movie and song. Since there is just the three of us left it feels appropriate. 

So Elders Jue, Wolcott and I have been alone here at the MTC for three days now and we have been completely forgotten. No Ohana for us here if you get what I mean. They told us just to keep going to our classes so we have and there are no teachers who ever show up to teach us so we have practiced teaching each other and watching every single movie they have available on LDS.org. In other words, I think I finally understand what you felt with your extra two weeks Cody!

So I finally got to meet the other Indian missionary here at the MTC! Her name is Sister Mungamuri and she is probably the nicest person this side of the World. She is also from my mission from some small town that I haven't heard of and I think she said her brother is serving in my mission so I guess we will have to see if I see him. Someone else that I saw this week was Mason Gardiner! Somehow I missed getting to host him because I was hosting again this last week but that's ok. I also don't have a picture with him because when I greet him I get the standard kind of unexcited greeting from him but I am pretty certain that he is happy to see me. 
Wow that's crazy about Nadine, I can't even imagine her in college... Wait, does that mean Corinne is in college now? Mercy... 

I am so sad that I had to miss Dean and Stef's sealing! I love them so much and I am so happy that they were able to go to the temple after waiting so long! Ahhh if this is how I feel for every person that I teach that gets baptized I am going to be so happy!

So that has essentially been this week. By this time in 4ish days I'll be in India so talk to ya when I talk to ya.
Love you all,
Elder Williams