Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #63 - Vijaywada - "Just a spoonful of sugar..."

...Helps the Advil go down!

So my companion came down with a fever sometime around Friday so that kind of tied down our weekend which is usually when we have the most appointments so that was kind of rough. Just gave him some meds and tried to keep him asleep.

Went on exchange with Elder Idso on Wednesday in my area. We were able to meet with the only investigator I have that speaks good English so that was good for the two of us and that night we went to the home of some members and managed to speak enough Telugu to have a really good appointment. The 14 year old son Durga Prasad just recently got the Aaronic Priesthood so we shared with him how important that priesthood is in preparing us for later times in our life and the life after. He speaks English and as long as we don't talk too fast he can usually understand our accent so thats also helpful. The members here definitely understand a lot more English than they speak. Which is both helpful and completely useless if I don't understand their response in Telugu... But hey we get by and will continue to do so until those missionaries way down the line that will be able to learn this language for real and speak it. Once that happens this work will pick up even more, it will be kind of insane. So we have to lay a good foundation now.

I'll think of better things next week. Promise.
Elder Williams