Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #27 - Ramamurthy Nagar - "The Lord is calling people"

Literally. We had someone call us this Thursday saying he was calling back after getting a missed call from our number. Well we never called him so my only other solution is that the Lord called him. So we met him on Saturday to see how we could help him and if we needed to teach him, somehow our conversation turned to the point where he said that he was trying out for a church choir that is pretty big here in 2 months time to prove someone wrong that he can sing. So Elder Halford said," Hey my companion could teach you to sing if you want." Charles, that's his name, as it turns out has never really sung before in his life so he seemed excited to learn. We had a good lesson on basics on Saturday and Tonight I will be teaching him a little bit more. Honestly teaching people other skills is a great finding tool and it can really open people up to the gospel. It is why we have people teach free English classes and teach piano and honestly you can teach anything on the mission that you know how to do. 

Well I was in an appointment this week with Sam's family that I mentioned last week and turns out Brother Babu was in a bike accident this last week and his foot was swelling like a balloon, so they couldn't come to church this week. After an appointment with them this week I walked out of their home and found only one of my shoes where I left it. I looked around confused until Elder Halford found it out in the middle of the road where a dog had used it as a chew toy. Nothing a little glue couldn't fix but for the rest of the night I wasn't the biggest fan of the street dogs. 

Calvin came to church again this week, and it looks like we will be able to continue teaching him but the rest of his family will not be joining in on any more lessons because of their relatives telling them not to. 

Overall we have been doing a lot of working with members this last week in order to get more referrals since they are far more likely to progress. It all just takes time though and ultimately it is up to the person we are teaching if they will accept our message. All you can do is invite the spirit into the home and let him begin his work. 
Elder Williams