Elder Hayden L. Williams

February 2019

Week #28 - Rama Murthenagar - "10,000 years will give you such a crick in the neck!"

So this week was pretty busy with our busiest day being Saturday where I unfortunately woke up with some neck pain. Still went about all the work it just made it a little harder. 

Calvin couldn't come to church this last week as he got sick. Brother Babu's foot is still the size of a small moon so they also couldn't come but we gave him a priesthood blessing on Friday and he is going to see a different doctor so hopefully they can find the cause of the swelling. 

At one of my voice lessons with Charles I felt the impression to ask him if he wanted to be taught the gospel but I had already learned from him that he was now going to his friends church because he promised him so I didn't say anything. It was at this point that he said,"Hey is there some way I can learn more about your church?" It was like a slap in the face to me. I can't believe I didn't listen but the Lord always finds a way. Anyway he lives in the ward boundaries of Lingarajapuram so those Elders will teach him the gospel and I will continue to teach him music. 

I seem to find a new language every single new family I talk to. There is a member family in our ward named the Touthangs from one of the North Indian States really close to China. The native language that they speak is Cookie. No joke. It doesn't have writing anymore but it might have been what turned into the Chinese alphabet. 

Transfers got pushed back a week because President Mortensen is going to Hong Kong for some meetings so we will see in a couple weeks what changes come. I am really learning a lot in this area and I am excited to see what other things come about.
Elder Williams

Week #27 - Rama Murthenagar - "The Lord is calling people"

Literally. We had someone call us this Thursday saying he was calling back after getting a missed call from our number. Well we never called him so my only other solution is that the Lord called him. So we met him on Saturday to see how we could help him and if we needed to teach him, somehow our conversation turned to the point where he said that he was trying out for a church choir that is pretty big here in 2 months time to prove someone wrong that he can sing. So Elder Halford said," Hey my companion could teach you to sing if you want." Charles, that's his name, as it turns out has never really sung before in his life so he seemed excited to learn. We had a good lesson on basics on Saturday and Tonight I will be teaching him a little bit more. Honestly teaching people other skills is a great finding tool and it can really open people up to the gospel. It is why we have people teach free English classes and teach piano and honestly you can teach anything on the mission that you know how to do. 

Well I was in an appointment this week with Sam's family that I mentioned last week and turns out Brother Babu was in a bike accident this last week and his foot was swelling like a balloon, so they couldn't come to church this week. After an appointment with them this week I walked out of their home and found only one of my shoes where I left it. I looked around confused until Elder Halford found it out in the middle of the road where a dog had used it as a chew toy. Nothing a little glue couldn't fix but for the rest of the night I wasn't the biggest fan of the street dogs. 

Calvin came to church again this week, and it looks like we will be able to continue teaching him but the rest of his family will not be joining in on any more lessons because of their relatives telling them not to. 

Overall we have been doing a lot of working with members this last week in order to get more referrals since they are far more likely to progress. It all just takes time though and ultimately it is up to the person we are teaching if they will accept our message. All you can do is invite the spirit into the home and let him begin his work. 
Elder Williams

Week #26 - Rama Murthenagar - "My hand has a lot of words to say"

So temporal highlight of the week, or highlight that doesn't have anything to do with the work, I got my palm read by a member this week. The four of us Elders in Rammamurthy Nagar all went to this members home for a lunch appointment and then I learned that she reads palms. She then offered to read all of ours and so we went with it. Mostly it was just really funny when she got things right about how the Elders act in their normal behavior. Mine was just vague stuff about how I had an easy upbringing and will have a good future so nothing to worry about. 

Spiritual highlight of the week, we met with Sams family, not sure I introduced them but they are a family of five, the parents don't speak English, the kids do a bit but we always bring a translator. The family is Babu(father) the mother, her name is hard and I keep forgetting it, Sam, who is 20, Benita, who is 17 and Matthew, who is 9. They speak Tamil which honestly I don't understand at all, it is way too different from Telugu. But after we introduced the Book of Mormon and explained it to them we told to pray and find out the truth for themselves, to that they said:
"I don't need to pray about it I already have faith that it is true!"-The Mom
"Well awesome! But please pray anyway!"-Me
After the lesson we discovered that Babu had seen some of the pictures we had shown in the gospel art book some 14 years ago! He said he had been doing carpentry work in the home of a family from England and they gave him a little book that had some of the pictures that we shared. Truly no effort is wasted and may prepare someone far down the road. They also came to church this week and said they really enjoyed it. 

Calvin's family had a little hiccup this week because after we gave them the Book of Mormon and left one of their relatives saw it and started telling them not to come to our church. They really love us so they were just really confused, we just simply told them that the only way forward was deciding for themselves after asking God but we know that it is hard to go against family so we will see what their decision is this week. They couldn't come to church this week because of a family function but we will see about next week. 

That's all from this side of the world, see you next time
Elder Williams