Elder Hayden L. Williams

June 2019

Week #47 - Gajuwaka - "NO WILSON!!"

I lost my volleyball... I hope y'all get that reference. Shouldn't be too difficult. So Elder Wilson got transferred to Hyderabad, which is really strange since we thought he would finish here. He only has three more weeks so a transfer was the last thing we thought would happen. I'll miss him we became really good friends. 

My new companion is Elder Thivyanathan who is from Coimbatore. But luckily he has served in a lot of Telugu speaking areas so even though his native language is Tamil he has learned a good bit of Telugu. Elder Wilson and I were having a hard time finding people who spoke English.

Sorry not too much time here today either. The net shops didn't have any power in our area so we had to travel a little bit. We had to spend a lot of time to pick up my new companion and then get to a shop.

Some of the members brought a cake for Elder Wilson yesterday when they learned that he was leaving. They still had the tradition of feeding cake to the person who is celebrating so that was fun to watch Elder Wilson go through that with a lot of the members.

I will have more to talk about next week I am sure. Once I get to know my companion and try to help more people.

I'll talk to you all next week!
Elder Williams

Week #46 - Gajuwaka - "Happy Father's Day..."

Sorry! whole shebang happened today and only barely got a computer to work so it'll be a short email this week. Not too much to report anyway. Happy Father's Day!
No time today because we are going to our Recent Convert SriDevi's for an appointment but I love you!

Elder Williams
Haha captions...

Week #45 - Gajuwaka - "Why would you put that in a bag..."

So this week was eventful we had a big branch activity on Wednesday that lasted pretty much the whole day and ended with me getting sunburned, naturally. We went to a big park and played a lot of games and talked with the members a lot. We had most of the active members show up and a lot of them brought friends so that was incredible! We will be trying to meet with them this week. Also at the activity they had a lot of bagged water. Water comes in two varieties, your standard bottle or a 2 rupee bag of water. Price comparison that is about... a nickel? maybe less.. But the bagged water just has a really funny taste to it that makes it hard to buy it instead of the bottle.

We went to the house of a recently returned missionary who served in Delhi. His name is Sandeep Bajjanki and he is really awesome! He spent the whole branch activity with the missionaries saying that he still isn't used to being with the members even though it is his home branch which we found super funny! Well anyway recently he was called to be the 2nd counselor in the branch presidency so we went with Elder Goodsell, The senior couple Elder, so he could give him a small training on that and also discuss his plans since he just returned from his mission.

Well this week I learned of the existence of a mango I had not heard of before. I have a video of Elder Wilson trying it (I don't like mangoes so I didn't try it) but it was a really funny way to eat it. It seems to be entirely mush inside so you just poke a hole in the outside and then treat it like a go-gurt tube.

Elder Wilson has one more month left and then his family will be coming over to pick him up. I'll get to meet his family when they come so that should be fun.

Finding people to teach has proven a little difficult but we are doing what we can so I will keep you informed on that front.

Elder Williams

Week #44 - Gajuwaka - "Gettin' too old for this..."

I say that loosely mostly as a joke to say I am a lot older than I feel I am. I mean one of my best friends is getting married in this next week and I still feel like that 12 year old kid heading over to his house to play games. 

Well, the power went out here so now I can finally finish this email. We had some pretty intense rain for about an hour. Maybe monsoon season is coming, someone told me it was in the next week so fingers crossed. 

In answer to my mothers question of how is this area different I would say immensely. Just like my first area, english is less common and staring is more common. It kind of wears me out to be stared at 24/7 even if it is a good conversation starter. I never get bored on the bus because without a doubt the person next to me will try to talk.

Well, we have been visiting a good number of the members so that I can learn the homes and whatnot. Maybe I'll take some videos or pictures so you can see the streets and what they are like. 

Well, I have been trying to get back into my Telugu and I think I am doing pretty well. Elder Gadala says that my Indian accent when I say the words is good so for the most part people seem to understand me. As long as they know I am trying to speak Telugu. The problem here is that when I talk to someone in Telugu they think they are English words so they don't comprehend them. So once they realize it is their native language and not mine then it is relatively smooth sailing.

Elder Wilson and I are doing the best that we can to find people but it is a lot harder when neither of us speaks full Telugu or can teach in Telugu and honestly it seems to be harder for members here to go with us on exchange. But we will continue trying our best and hoping others do the same. 

With all the positivity I can manage,
Elder Williams