Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #51 - Gajuwaka - "Turns out Cows don't "Moo""

They actually say "Ama!"
Don't worry it was news to me too. That is why "Ama" is "Mom" in most of the native languages here. That was my funny it of culture I learned this week. Another little tidbit I learned was that "India" actually means "Hinduism" in Sanskrit. So turns out I am over here living in Hinduism. Who'da thunk huh?

 Yesterday I reached a record for how many biscuits I could fit in my stomach. We explored another area and visited 6 different members where they each decided to fill us with 7-up and biscuits. So much so that I did not need dinner last night. That is the common treats they give us to welcome us into their home. By the way, "biscuits" is just British for "crackers" or "cookies". 

Well for a little spiritual highlight of the week. In our missionary meeting of the week we decided to study the Christlike attribute of Patience, so I read through the Preach My Gospel section on it and really learned some things that will help me. In that section it mentions that Patience with yourself is just as critical as with others. I felt that I had improved being patient with others but this really made me stop and realize I had lost patience with myself and I needed to allow myself more time and space to get everything done. 

Thats about it for this week,
Elder Williams