Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #10 - Vizag - "Happy Birthday Ghandi!"

So this last Tuesday was Ghandi Jayanthi or in other words, Ghandi's birthday. Everyone just gets holiday from work so they sit in their homes, but apparently they are still too busy to meet with us. At least that is what they all tell us when we want to visit. 

So I have discovered the only thing I don't like about the food here. The sweets. I can handle just about any food now regarding spiciness but the sweets here are just straight bad... They are either made entirely from sand (what it feels like) or it is soaked in some kind of syrup that is so sweet it is actually sickening. So pretty much the food here is one extreme or the other. Super spicy or super sweet. No in betweens. There is some stuff here called Sameyah and it is this sweetened milk that has some kind of coconut shavings in it. I get sick after each time I eat it. It is just way too sweet.

In other news guess what religion that I just found out is here? Church of Christ Philippines! Or as we know it, the Iglesia Ni Cristo! I met the preacher of the congregation because he was a former investigator of some previous missionaries. Turns out he just took what he learned from the Elders and used it in his own preaching.  

I got some of the numbers that we use down. Ochati (not Ocati but Och with the back of the throat thing) Rendoo, Mordoo, Noragoo, Idoo. That is 1 through 5. 

Not too much else this week except that we couldn't meet at all with Manohar this week so he did not get baptized on Saturday so we will reset his date and work with him some more. There is a lot of work to be done here it is just really hard because we can only meet with people after 6 or so because no one is ever home before that and public places are terrible for finding here usually. We do a lot of good work here though. We go around to a lot of members homes and share messages with them. We have been working with a lot of the less actives because there are so many in our area. Like Manohar's family for example are less active but we visited them this week and then they came to church on Sunday so that was awesome. 

Until next time, 
Elder Williams