Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #22 - Kakinada - "urns out, a Bull is NOT a Cow"

I repeat, we as Americans have it all wrong. It is illegal to kill a Cow in India, meaning a female cow because they only worship those. You can kill and eat a bull all you want. You can still only find Muslims selling beef here though and they are rare and usually under the radar because secretly they usually kill cows too. That was a fun tidbit I learned this week. 

So unfortunately Pawans parents did not actually give permission for his baptism so we will be trying to visit them this coming week to see if we can ask them for permission so stay tuned on that. Our members here are really good about bringing new family members to church but they are unfortunately bad at telling the Elders that they are new since I still don't know the whole ward by name I end up passing by some potential investigators since I can't tell if they are a member or not and I am trying to say hello to everyone. A good number of them don't speak English either which makes it fun to try and set an appointment. 

This week has been a lot of cycling around trying to figure out who in this city we haven't talked to. Turns out quite a lot. 

Telugu this week: Turns out the Kaki in Kakinada means Crow. Not sure what nada is but I am assuming city. So essentially this is the City of Crows. 

Elder Williams