Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #69 - Vizag "Together again, again..."

"Its so good to be together again, again." Oh muppets, what a slice of my childhood you hold.

Anyway the subject line is meant to refer to the fact that once again I find myself in the city of Vizag. Apparently the police showed up to the Elders apartment here looking for me since I am registered as living here. So on Thursday at noon I checked my email and discovered a flight ticket to Vizag from Vijayawada for 6 pm that night. I freaked out a little and then called my mission president where I discovered the rest of this story. He told me to pack all of my things since transfers are this next week so sadly I don't think I am going back to Vijayawada which means that once again I am going to a new place after only 2 transfers in an area... So many places.

At church yesterday I got to say hello to a lot of members that I knew a year ago. Many did not remember my name but they knew my face and I'll take that. They are really awesome here, I really love the city of Vizag. I kind of consider it my home here in India though maybe that is because it was my first city... who really knows. No clue but I love it anyway.

I dont know why group emails are so hard. Anyway I have pictures from this week and last, so if that saying is true about pictures being 1000 words than my email is pretty long this week ;)

Elder Williams