Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #37 - Ramamurthy Nagar - "How about that conference?"

We filled in a couple of **blanks** from what we know in talking with him this week;)

So we got to watch General Conference this week and that was naturally really nice though I was feeling really sick during the Saturday session so that was a little rough but I felt better by Sunday so that was fine.**most likely got sick from overeating a delicious chicken curry fed to him the night before by a member family;) the other missionaries from his flat ate there as well but did not over eat and did not get sick;)**

We met with Babu and his family this week after not meeting them in a couple weeks and our meeting went really well. Brother Babu just the day before had been thinking that he hadn't seen us in a while. They also recently had a relative pass away so we shared the message of the Plan of Salvation and answered their questions regarding it. We aren't certain at this point whether that will cause them a change in heart enough to listen to our invitations now but we will pray and visit them as much as we can. They are shifting their home this week so we are planning to go and the Elders quorum was planning to help.**he was grateful they followed the prompting to go visit them and hoped that Babu could see the connection as well…shifting means moving, we are assuming that’s another British term adopted there in India along with them saying flats for apartments and autos for cars?**

Today Yesu and his family should have arrived from their native village so we will visit them tomorrow and see how they are doing. We visited Anitas family yesterday and are planning to go today and share a talk from conference with them in Telugu so that should help them. They weren't able to come on Sunday due to the children getting their results from school that day which I think required them to travel to school... Not entirely certain on that part but they are such a great family, the kids are all trying to learn English so they will ask us to read the Book of Mormon and other things with them so the can learn to read.**we asked about how they contact or proselyte and he said that they offer service, free piano lessons or free English lessons from their Church and if they inquire about the Church then they can ask to come pray with them or share a short message and then go from there**

We met with Suresh Antony a couple times this week teaching him piano and also about blessing and passing the sacrament since our Bishop asked him to bless the sacrament next week, so we went over it with him. He was there for each session of General Conference and only struggled to understand a few of the speakers accents.

We will continue to do our best here in India so thank you all for your prayers and support.**tough week this week with so much rejection…he was super touched in General Conference this time as he noticed the prayers for the missionaries, it hit him straight in the heart to hear that, and we reminded him that there are prayers worldwide in church meeting houses and temples for all of the missionaries and in his home ward specifically for him. It means so much to him and to us for that and for all of his friends and family who read his letters who pray for him. It’s a hard thing to ask of any kid to leave his friends and family, go to a 3rd world country to swelter, be rejected, and not understand the language of more than half of the people he runs into. He’s grateful to have good companions, chill missionaries to live with, and a guitar to play though so all will be okay!**
Elder Williams