Elder Hayden L. Williams

Weed #20 - Kakinada - "TUFAN"

The Indians really seem to believe this is an English word. It pretty much means a big storm which means I think they use that word in place of Typhoon... That is my only explanation of this word. So anyway the reason I am emailing today is because of a Tufan that was off the coast of India the last couple of days. We had a ton of rain yesterday which took out the power in our apartment most of the day and also the internet. My companion also was scheduled to take a bus late in the afternoon to Rajahmundry to catch a flight to Bangalore so we took him early through all the rain.

Now it is just three of us Elders in this city with no word on when I will get a new companion but it will probably be in 2ish weeks when transfers are scheduled to happen. Until then there will just be the three Elders here.

Before Elder Jordan left we managed to review all of the lessons with Pawan and by review I mean that we let Pawan teach US the plan of salvation which he did pretty much perfectly. So all we need to do is make sure his paperwork is good and he gets interviewed this week and he is all set for the 29th of December. He knows more about this Gospel than many many other members I have met here in India and he is fully committed to living by the commandments of God.

Not too much else happened this week because I was out sick for about 4 days coughing quite a bit. I felt bad making Elder Jordan stay inside for some of the last days of his mission but he still finished really strong helping all the people in this area.

Male Kaludham
Elder Williams