Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #3 - MTC - "The Lord will lead the way!"

Recognize that one Dad? You should because you wrote it. I was listening to my playlist and heard this song by you followed by one of grandpas songs and then a little later I heard the song that I sang with Lauren. It was really cool to hear all of us sing one after the other.

So right after I emailed last week we went to the temple like we are allowed to on P-days and we had all decided to go do some temple sealings because some of the Elders had never done it. When we showed up at the office as 8 Elders, however, what I thought was just a temple worker was a little annoyed because apparently missionaries go and do sealings sometimes because they think they are fast, which was not why we were doing it. So this worker pulled us into one of the sealing rooms and when he introduced himself it turns out that he was the Temple President and then proceeded to lecture us for the next thirty minutes about how we should go do initiatories and so when he was finally done we did go and do that but it was just annoying that he assumed we were only doing it because it is "faster" which is debatable.

On Tuesday we had Elder D. Todd Christofferson come for our devotional which was cool but he only ended up talking for 45 minutes about the recent announcement made by the Prophet about how we are going to be pushing to get rid of nicknames like "Mormon" and "LDS" so it wasn't so much of a spiritual powerhouse meeting. 

So on Wednesday we got to host the new missionaries coming in and the first one that I was able to host was an international Elder that got here the day before but he was just the best. His name is Elder Plucena and he came here from Dubai but he is originally from Luzon, Philippines. We had a good conversation and he is just on the other side of my residence building.

Other than this it has just been classes that are getting pretty repetitive but it's ok I can feel the spirit in every one we have. No news on when I get to leave or where I get to go so I will try and keep you all updated.

Elder Williams

PS So I am going straight to India! But I have to stay here another week because my mission president is at some sort of conference next week and asked us to stay here. I leave September 3rd