Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #72 - Indiranagar - "Compulsary"

Compulsory-A word used here in India, other than here never used in the history of ever.
Used I believe out of grammar. (Also that sentence I just wrote might be offending grammar as well so..) Asking "Compulsory I need you to bring that to the church." Pretty much meaning 100% you have to do this. Pronounced- com-pull-sery
Just a little fun with the words I use on the daily.

Honestly not much to report on this week other than we had an amazing Lasagna on christmas eve which a member made for us. She might be the only person I know that has an oven. She made us some cookies as well and that was super awesome.

Other than that we met with Joshua again and we had about 20 of his friends gathered around us as we taught in the middle of their street (don't worry all were christian or open to it, we asked) Joshua taught them all about Joseph Smiths story using the Book Of Mormon Storybook. Never been more proud, he will be quite the missionary I think.

Looking forward to the New Year!
Got my carbonated apple juice all ready to go.

Happy New Year,
Elder Williams

Note: Elder Williams doesn’t mention it because it is normal to him but we think it’s worth noting that the Church is not recognized as a church in India…it is the Indian Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Though we’ve seen this on his travel documentation, we did not understand what it means - that they are not recognized as a church and because they are not recognized as a church, they cannot openly proselyte. This is different than what we had been told before he left - that the Church could openly proselyte to everyone. They cannot - only to Christians, so the missionaries have to be careful with whom they speak with. Our bishops cannot marry members either so a pastor from another church has to sign their marriage certificates for them to be legally recognized as married. Just some fun facts we are learning.