Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #42 - Gajuwaka - "Oh sweat. How I haven't missed you”

So first note, Vizag is so much hotter than Bangalore. All the missionaries talk about how the best climate in the mission is Bangalore and I understand now coming in the middle of summer to Vizag. 

I had also forgotten how few people speak english here as well. But at least I am back to just a Telugu area so I can focus on learning only one language so that will be nice. So my apartment has 4 Elders in it, Elder Wilson and Elder Skidmore are both from Phoenix Arizona but went to rival high schools so they did not know each other. Elder Gaddala is from Mumbai and he is fresh from the MTC so that is fun to see. Elder Wilson and I get along really well, we have some similar personality traits that let us bond. You can't tell fully the relationship until later but I think we will do just fine until he finishes his mission here in July. 

So Elder Wilson is actually 1/4 Indian. His grandfather is from right outside Kakinada so he still has a lot of family over here in India. One of his great Aunts lives in our area with her daughter so we have visited her home a couple times for lunch. Elder Wilson has been able to visit family in each of his areas which is really cool. All of them are Hindu and uninterested to learn the gospel but it is still really nice to be able to meet them, because otherwise if not for the mission I am not sure he ever would have met them. 

Another big plus is that I actually get to wear my mission tag now. I went 4 months in Bangalore without it and it's not that you forget that you are a missionary but it just doesn't feel the same because people can't identify you with the church without it. They all thought we were students although it isn't too much different here but it is just easier to correct them when you have the Saviors name on your chest. It makes you feel a lot more like you are representing the Lord. 

Im getting really bad at taking pictures I know... I promise I will have some for next week.

But until then, just stay in the shade. Its a lot better that way.

Elder Williams