Elder Hayden L. Williams

Week #9 - Vizag - "Bagunanu!"

(Bagoonanoo) It means "I am good". It is the proper response to "bagunara?" which is asking, "are you good?". I include it because every time I hear it I think of "nanu nanu" from Mork and Mindy. Man that is an old reference now...

So just knowing this greeting gets all of the people excited and they laugh and love that I can say at least something. 
So first note I had some apple juice this week and lets just say it is the good stuff just like China. A little expensive though so probably won't buy it too much.

So Tuesday Elder Ramishetty slept most of the day because he wasn't feeling well so I had my first full day in the apartment. I read. A lot. I ran out of Liahona magazines and made it really far in my personal study. But that night we went out to get some air and we went down to the beach. The beach at night here is absolutely beautiful. 

Every other day we just went to member appointment because the rest of our appointments bunked on us, so not too much teaching happened this week. We weren't even able to meet with Manohar because he had exams almost every day so we are going to try and meet with him a lot this week.

Gave my first talk on Sunday, got notified Saturday night when we had fruit shakes with the branch president. All things considered that was more warning than I was ever expecting. He asked me to speak about how I knew to serve a mission to help the youth know how they can know for themselves. My talk was very similar to my farewell but more polished and guided for sure. I didn't look down at my notes that I had written at all. After I finished Brother Manuel from my branch got up and translated it for the members. All from notes that he had taken while listening to my talk. He is an incredible member and his violin skills are just as good as his translation which is amazing. Oh yeah did I mention that we have a sacrament pianist and a sacrament violinist? It is pretty fun to hear both of them as they play hymns. 

So the percentage in the mission of foreign missionaries I'd say is 70% ish. Some areas are only natives and they put a lot of them there. I only sunburn on P-days and they don't really bother me like they did when I was at home. 

Yesterday we brought a member with us to an appointment. His name is Ramuna and he has one of the strongest testimonies that I have heard. He is completely blind and has been from birth, he met with the missionaries about two years ago and quickly accepted the gospel. The most amazing thing is that before his baptism he used a walking stick like most blind people but after his baptism he stopped using it because he found he could get around without it. He can also translate really well so I will likely be around him a lot but he is amazing.   
Elder Williams